Start Ups
Securing the smartest advice to secure your vision.

Are you doing the best you can for your new company?

Buffalo & Associates can help new companies get on their feet whether its choosing an entity or being advised on how to raise capital. We are here to help.

Guidance beyond the norm

Buffalo & Associates relies on our relationship with larger law firms and access to specialists in all areas of the law including employment tax, environmental and real estate to get you the most comprehensive representation at a value.

Startup Services

Legal advice for startups overlaps a great deal with advice provided by general counsel to companies with one major twist - everything must be delivered on a cost-effective and timely basis. We can help in the following areas:

  • Ownership / Founder Documents
  • Demarcation of Duties
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanisms / Buyouts
  • Stock Incentives
  • SAFEs, Preferred Stock, Subordinated Debt
  • Board Issues
  • Conversion Issues
  • Employment Agreements
  • Collaborative Arrangements and/or Ventures
  • Reseller Agreements and/or Arrangements