Specialized Knowledge and Exceptional Resources in a Critical Business Arena

How do you realize your funding needs?

The United States securities laws are the most complicated set of laws in the world. Knowing the best and most efficient way to satisfy them while looking savvy, capable and thorough to your potential investors is important. Raising funds in today’s market and satisfying the securities laws means understanding how the market is addressing the needs of startup clients. The securities laws were not made for fast and nimble startups.

Smart solutions

Buffalo & Associates knows how startups are dealing with these laws–mainly by using knowledgeable investors that are well-informed of the risks of startups while using reduced disclosure that is focused on the the particular risks of the company. The closer an investor is to a company and the more in depth his or her knowledge of the industry, the more protection is afforded to the startup. Buffalo & Associates supports a wide range of business sizes, incorporating the latest in business knowledge. Buffalo & Associates can provide the intimate and expert knowledge required to ensure the process is undertaken correctly.


  • Choice of security sold–convertible notes, preferred stock, debt financing

  • Subscription agreements

  • Investor questionnaires

  • Disclosure documents for securities transactions

  • Convertible notes, preferred stock, equity and debt financing

  • Risk factors and other disclosure

  • Compliance w/ securities laws; Federal, state forms and filings